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As a former professional athlete, firefighter, and sports coach, I’ve spent decades learning how to optimize my body to take on challenges. When a back injury severely limited my physical capabilities, I had to rise to meet a whole new set of challenges. I knew that moving and feeling good in my body was essential to my well being, but I needed a new toolkit. Regular body work paved the way for long-term mobility and helped me prevent additional injuries. Massage has been a crucial tool, helping me to ensure that I stay active, strong and flexible at every age and season in my life. After feeling those benefits in action for years, I decided to bring my unique understanding of the body to help heal others. 


I chose the Mckinnon Body Therapy Center in Oakland to start my education and recently completed their 500-hour Massage Therapist program. In addition to a broad, general massage education at Mckinnon, my focus was on Clinical Deep Tissue, Sports Massage and Kinesiology. Furthermore, I continue to train at a sports & bodywork clinic in San Francisco.

Though my sensibility stems from being an athlete, I believe that everyone can benefit immensely from massage. Sitting, repetitive motion activities and jobs take a big toll. Massage can relieve everyday soreness and pressure. There is a great need in our world today for lowering stress levels and nervous system regulation. I’d love to be part of that solution for you.

My goal with each massage is to integrate clinical, healing bodywork into a session designed specifically to relax, soothe and reduce stress to help enhance your body’s repair process. Massage for me is a way of connecting to people and helping them in an immediate and meaningful way—and to do clinical work that doesn’t feel clinical. 

I live in Moraga with my husband, my three kids and a very small, very sassy little dog, Piper. When I’m not giving massages, you can find me walking with friends, traveling with my kid’s sports teams, cooking slow, thoughtful food, reading books on body mechanics and planning my next trip. 

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