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Experience a customized mix of massage modalities that are right for you- in this moment and in the context of your life


DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE - Releases tension with strong pressure. Ultra-relaxing for chronic pain or general lifestyle stress.

May include guided stretching, joint mobilization and myofascial therapies

to release recent or long-held adhesions in your body

SPORTS MASSAGE - Achieve your fitness goals with transformative massages.  Pain relief, improved range of motion,

and recovery massage will help to keep you moving the way you want to

SWEDISH MASSAGE - Ease tension with light, rhythmic strokes. Calm and soothing Swedish techniques are

perfect for relaxation and making peace with sore muscles. Recommended if you

need a nervous system reset, or if you have medical conditions that require a light touch

MYOFACIAL CUPPING - A soft tissue therapy that encourages healing by using cups to create a negative pressure

on the skin that pulls underlying tissue, blood, and lymph to the surface of the skin.

Cupping helps relieve pain and muscle tension, increases mobility and softens tight muscles.

For athletes, cupping can accelerate the recovery process by increasing circulation and hydration

which aides in the repair of fatigued muscles from hard training


Teresa Juergens CMT#89746 - 1605 School Street, Suite 2, Moraga, CA

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